Un-Twist and Shout

Don’t let that twisted skirt get your knickers in a knot. The Stay Skirt was created to stop the twist of your skirt.

How To ...

  • Push clasp down.
  • You can wear the strap on the left and right sides, front and back or front and one side. Any combination will work - whichever is more comfortable for you.


The Stay Skirt was easy to put on and held the skirt really well. Thank you for fixing the problem. - Karen C.

Once the strap was adjusted it was easy to put on. It stayed on really well. Liked the clasp. It's very sturdy. Great product! - Dorothy U.

Haven't seen a product like this before. I have 2 skirts that have been put away because they rotated. Used the Stay Skirt and they didn't rotate. - Nancy L.

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Stay Skirt

Stay Skirt

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